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'Free' as in Freedom

The story continues here...

During the joining I had an intension to study many languages from my friends, later I found that it is not as simple as that. Even I never used to talk in Hindi, ofcourse I can understand a little bit. REC is more near to my home than MCC. Eventhough I joined in hostel. I got admisson in CIVIL Engg. A lot to say about my life at REC. Now it is getting to computers. When I was in 9th standard, I joined for a short term course in basics of computers. I studied DOS,Wordstar, fundamentals of BASIC etc. from there. The games like Prince,Car race, Bike race etc. were really interesting at that time. Whenever they allowed, I used to play games. I lost touch with computers untill when we went to FORTRAN practical classes. I had been no idea about UNIX at time, I thought we are going to work on a system which is already known to me. I really wondered, when I seen the black terminals only provided with keyboards. Our teacher provided us a list of UNIX and VI commands. Some PG students helped us to get into the system. Later I known that we were working on a Sun OS. Again I got interest in computers, I started working on it, whenever I went to Computer Center I studied anything which is new to me. It continued like that ... we got login on GNU/Linux machine with internet connection. Only 'lynx' were available to browse. Then we got login on different servers with lots of utilities. Only Civil branch has got login on a GNU/Linux system all other branch got login on diffenent Solaris machines. I used to say 'Linux' at that time, freedom was a not matter at that time for me. I also worked on Solaris, Windows 98,NT etc. Irix,OS/2 etc. were there in my college, but I didn't got any chance to work on it. When we were on final year, a server given to students to set up web server with documents and some mailing lists. Then a new "Linux User Group" formed and many students joined in that group. The mailing list was active for sometime, after few months the server down. I had been posted about GNU/Linux Localization projects and other things to that list. And lots of other things happened in between this. Now I am a member of Free Software User Group, Kozhikode and a volunteer of Free Software Foundation, India. Now I am working at FSF India in TVM. The story continues.... will write about it after some years (if possible).

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Last updated: 03-11-2002