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'Free' as in Freedom

'Free' as in Freedom

I am very much interested in free softwares ( In my mother toungue we call it as 'Swathanthra' Softwares ), especially GNU/Linux operating system. Here I wish to share my experiance with free softwares. I will update these pages very soon. Please visit again. Also don't forget to write your comments about these pages to me.

Here are the websites and mailing lists I created for different purposes :

  • Swathanthra Malayalam Computing
    • This is my main project, this project is completely maintained by volunteers, I started this project with anothr name "Malayalam GNU/Linux Project" during december 2001. Our discussion list was at Yahoogroups, now this list is moved to Savannah. Now the project is renamed as "Swathanthra Malayalam Computing", all our activities are going on at Savannah. Temporarily I am doing the same project at KBip & FSF India, Please see this website for more information, here I am working for FSF India, this work will continue till december 2002. I would like to continue this project, if anyone can help me for this please contact me as soon as possible.
  • Free Software User Group - Kozhikode
    • This is website created for Free Software User Group - Kozhikode. This is the first Free Software User Group in India. This group is formed by Ajith Kumar B.P (Scientist,Nuclear Science Center, New Delhi). Anyone interested are welcome to this group. We are doing a lots programs under this group like GNU/Linux Utilities for Education CDROM. We setup GNU/Linux Terminal Serevers at 5 institutions in Kozhikode. Also we conducted some talks and demonstration classes in Kozhikode. A training camp for high school authorities for setting up LTSP also conducted.We are looking for more volunteers, if you can help in any way please contact me. More activities are planned to promote free softwares (yes! 'swathanthra' softwares).
  • Free Software User Group - Kozhikode Mailing List
    • This is the primary mailing list of Free Software User Group - Kozhikode. I welcome all those who interested to join our mailing list.
  • GNU/Linux Localization Projects Directory
    • I am volunteer of Free Software Foundation - India. This is my work done for FSF-India. I will volunteer for some other works in near by future. Link to this page is available from the front page of FSF-India website.

Here are some of my articles

  • Why I prefer free softwares.
    • Now I am writing this article, will put it here after sometime.

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Last updated: 03-11-2002